Undergraduate Diploma
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Organ, Diploma Diploma

The Diploma program is a three-year program of study for the few very gifted undergraduate musicians in keyboard, orchestral instruments, and voice, who for personal or professional reasons must pursue a non-degree course of study concentrating almost exclusively on performance. New students may enter this program only upon recommendation of the dean and the Admissions Committee. Currently enrolled students may transfer into this program only upon approval of the Scholastic Standing Committee.

NOTE: Important statistics and disclosure information on all non-degree diploma programs are available on the Juilliard Web site.


Diploma students must complete a minimum of 72 credits. Those credits are distributed as follows (the specific performance and musicianship requirements are set by arrangement with the dean):

  Credits 1st year Credits 2nd year Credits 3rd year  
Major Study 5/5 5/5 5/5  
Performance Requirement 4-6/4-6 4/4 4/4  
Musicianship Requirement * 3-6/3-6 3/3 3/3  
Annual/Graduation Juries -/0 -/0 -/0  
Departmental Seminar     1/1  
Recital     -/1  

* Students must demonstrate proficiency through the second-year levels of Music Theory and Analysis (THMUS 411) and Ear Training II (ETMUS 211-2).

      • 1 credit

        Required of all first-year Dance, Drama, and Music students.

        JUILL 101 — Juilliard Colloquium
        1 credit Fall Faculty

        Juilliard Colloquium is a one-semester course taught by an interdisciplinary team of faculty, staff, and advanced students. The curriculum is designed to promote an awareness of the skills and tools necessary for building a fulfilling career, not only as performing artists, but also as global citizens and advocates for the arts. This course introduces students to the values and diversity of the Juilliard community, and is intended to provide a foundation that will serve them well beyond their years at the School. Small group discussions and large group activities. Mandatory attendance at designated performances. Required of all first-time college students in Dance, Drama, and Music.

      • 1 credit

        Required of all first-year Music students.

        JUILL 102 — Essentials of Entrepreneurship in the Arts
        1 credit Spring Barrett Hipes

        Essentials of Entrepreneurship in the Arts is a half-semester course intended to make Juilliard students aware of the abundance of ways in which they can make a unique impact on their art form while at Juilliard and beyond. Guest artists, entrepreneurs, and business leaders will present weekly interactive lectures, introducing students to the fundamentals of project planning, budgets, grant applications, and more. The seven-week course will culminate in each student’s preparation and submission of an individual project proposal. Online resources and assessments will also be included. Required for all first-year undergraduate music majors and second-year dance majors.