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Juilliard Drama is dedicated to preparing 21st-century actors and playwrights to tell, with clarity and passion, imagination and artistry, diverse stories that speak to the truth of the world in which we live.

As an actor, you will develop your capacity to bring body, voice, and spirit together in ways both personal and transformative, while exploring plays that range from the classic texts of Shakespeare and Chekhov to exciting new works, both in the classroom and on the stage. As a playwright, you will have the opportunity to continue to develop your own distinctive voice while acquiring a stronger command of dramatic structure and to see your work come to life in readings and workshops with student actors, alumni, and guest artists.

Together, you will discover and reveal the humanity that connects people of all communities.

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Lorenzo Jackson in an interview about a Day in the Life

Juilliard Drama | A Day in the Life

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Drama News

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Unleashing 'The Tempest'

Juilliard Journal

The Tempest addresses the consequences or privileges for leaders who broke rules to assume their power

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  • Tuesday, January 22, 2019

    Winding Up With the Fourth-Year Rep

    Juilliard Journal

    Juilliard’s fourth-year repertory cycle, on every actor's mind, is business as usual but with the shadow of finality looming large

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  • Friday, December 21, 2018

    Interview With Playwright Tony Kushner

    Juilliard Journal

    Playwright Tony Kushner on his long history with Juilliard, sources of his creativity, and his latest project

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  • Monday, November 19, 2018

    Interview With Sarna Lapine

    Juilliard Journal

    Go behind the scenes of a rare Juilliard Drama musical—Into the Woods—as Little Red Riding Hood (Regina De Vera) interviews the director

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