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Emergency Protocol

If you witness or are the victim of a life-threatening emergency anywhere in the United States, immediately dial 911 on your telephone and describe the situation to the operator, who will dispatch help immediately. If the emergency is occurring inside the Juilliard building, dial 911. Following that call, contact Juilliard Public Safety if possible so that emergency responders can be guided to the exact location.

If a general emergency is occurring that potentially affects the Juilliard community, listen for announcements over the public address system and follow the instructions of Juilliard Public Safety officers or other Juilliard officials. Red-colored phones located throughout the Juilliard building can be used to report an urgent security issue to the Public Safety Department. Alternatively, dial (212) 496-4911 to reach the Main Security Desk on 65th Street.

If a life-threatening emergency is occurring inside the Rose Building, dial 911 followed by Lincoln Center Security at (212) 875-5520. Lincoln Center Security officers are located in the Rose Building lobby, and at the 11th floor security post, 24/7/365 and should be contacted for general security-related issues in that building. The 11th-floor security post in the Rose Building can be reached directly at (212) 875-5481.

Last Updated Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018, 03:36PM