Office of Community Engagement

Community engagement work is transformative. It changes the artist, it changes the audience, and it changes the world. Community engagement is a commitment to creating space for others to be heard and celebrating the inherent artistry and humanity in every person.


Geography and cost are the two biggest barriers to accessing the arts, so the Office of Community Engagement brings free performances and educational experiences for people of all ages and backgrounds at community organizations beyond our campus and brings community members to our campus for events. We empower Juilliard students through cocurricular programming and advising to be the change they want to see in the world and use their artistry to connect with other people, build sustainable programs, forge lasting relationships, and foster dialogues. Community Engagement Fellows in our six fellowship programs grow as citizens, deepen their sense of artistic purpose, and develop skills for life beyond the classroom or studio.

Our Staff

Dr. Alice Jones, Assistant Dean of Community Engagement and Career Services
Hillarie O’Toole, Director of Operations, Community Engagement and Career Services
Ian Prince, Business Development Director, Career Services and Entrepreneurship
Emily Bono, Associate Director of Community Engagement and Career Services
Adrian Rodriguez, Educational Events Coordinator

Contact Us

For general information about Community Engagement programs, please contact:

Office of Community Engagement
The Juilliard School
60 Lincoln Center Plaza
New York, NY 10023
(212) 799-5000, ext. 298
[email protected]

School representatives: Please place "School Partner" in the subject line of your e-mail or call the office.

Programming in the Community

Juilliard Community Engagement Fellows and staff serve their community by creating access to artistic and educational experiences in neighborhoods across New York City. If your organization is interested in Juilliard Community Engagement programming, please contact the Office of Community Engagement at [email protected].

Providing access to performances

Free performances in community centers. Each year, approximately 30 multidisciplinary ensembles in the Gluck Community Service Fellowship (GCSF) perform over 400 interactive concerts at healthcare facilities, community centers, and assisted living facilities.

Free concerts for children in Juilliard’s building. The Young People’s Concert Series is a multigenre interactive performance concert series for children in Grades 4-5. The series presents five 45-minute performances each year, inviting hundreds of students to concerts designed especially for young listeners at Juilliard, in conjunction with arts enrichment classes taught at their home campus by Community Engagement Fellows. 

In collaboration with the Dance Division, the Dance Masterworks welcomes youth and young people from NYC schools to Juilliard for an hour-long showcase of contemporary and classical modern dance repertory each spring. 

Nurturing the next generation of artists and arts lovers

Through the CLIMB Fellowship, MAP Fellowship, McCabe Guitar Fellowship, and Morse Teaching Artist Fellowship, Juilliard provides free arts education and arts enrichment experiences in public schools, community centers, and community arts organizations to thousands of youth and young people each year. 

Community Engagement Fellowships

If you are a current Juilliard student interested in becoming a Juilliard Community Engagement Fellow, please contact the Office of Community Engagement at [email protected]. Please also visit our MyJuilliard page for up-to-date information.

As a Community Engagement Fellow, you’ll learn to activate and deepen your artistry beyond the studio or the practice room. You’ll learn how your art can be a force for good and how to welcome people into your artistic world.

Community Engagement work is highly rigorous, demands a wide array of skills, and is immensely fulfilling. Its tenets include shared buy-in to an experience, social justice, and a two-way flow of ideas and impact between artist and community. It is challenging work, and an artist cannot engage in this kind of practice and emerge unchanged. 

There are six Community Engagement Fellowships and approximately 160 Fellowship awards each year.

  • CLIMB Fellowship (Combining Literacy Instruction with Musical Beginnings) – Fellows lead fun, play-filled classes for young children at Juilliard on Saturday mornings that build literacy skills.
  • Gluck Community Service Fellowship – In self-formed ensembles, students from all disciplines perform interactive concerts at dozens of community organizations.
  • MAP Fellowship (Music Advancement Program) – Fellows perform and teach Preparatory Division students at Juilliard on Saturdays. The Music Advancement Program is a rigorous, supportive, and musically fulfilling program for students age 8-18 from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in the classical music world.
  • McCabe Guitar Fellowship – Guitar students selected for this Fellowship perform for young students and teach master classes, introducing new audiences to the classical guitar.
  • Morse Teaching Artist Fellowship – Fellows develop skills in classroom pedagogy and teach music enrichment and musical skills to students in Grades K-12 in schools and community centers. 

Learn more about these and other Fellowships

Frequently Asked Questions

What skills do Community Engagement Fellows develop?

Teamwork, problem solving, flexible performance practices, pedagogy, social-emotional learning, communication, public speaking, community building, consensus building, leadership, digital content production, project and organizational management, and multidisciplinary skills

What makes someone a successful Community Engagement Fellow?

Empathy, curiosity, and a desire to connect with other people.

Can a student receive more than one fellowship at a time?


I’m a dancer. Which fellowships am I eligible for?

CLIMB and Gluck Community Service Fellowship

I’m an actor. Which fellowships am I eligible for?

CLIMB and Gluck Community Service Fellowship

I’m a musician. Which fellowships am I eligible for?

CLIMB, Gluck Community Service Fellowship, MAP, McCabe (guitar students only), Morse Teaching Artist Fellowship

I’m a first-year undergraduate student. Which fellowships am I eligible for?

Although first-year undergraduate students are not eligible to participate in any fellowships during their first year, they can apply for all fellowships during the winter of their first year and become a fellow during their second year. First-year students are strongly encouraged to form multidisciplinary ensembles in their First-Year Colloquium Seminars, and those ensembles can apply to join the Gluck Community Service Fellowship during their second year.

How can I become a Community Engagement Fellow?

Attend info sessions, presentations, and workshops led by the Office of Community Engagement and the Alan D. Marks Center for Career Services and Entrepreneurship to learn more about community engagement work. Applications for the following school year are due by January 31 each year.

Cocurricular Programming

We provide workshops, discussions, and events for the entire Juilliard community and beyond in the principles and practices of community engagement, in collaboration with the Alan D. Marks Center for Career Services and Entrepreneurship. Our aim is to awaken, activate, and support our community’s sense of responsibility, empowerment, and agency through community engagement.

All community engagement work develops one’s career—because our artistic skills must have communities to connect with. The landscape of artistic work in the 21st century demands flexibility, and our offices provide students with not just skills but also a perspective and experiences that will help them live as fulfilled artists.

Every artist has a responsibility to take care of their community—to take care of their peers, avocational amateurs, the next generation of arts lovers, avid supporters, and skeptical audiences. Taking care of one’s community means cultivating audiences to ensure the long-term health of one’s field. Taking care of one’s community means creating opportunities and sustainable pipelines for oneself to work.

2022-23 Fellows

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