The Juilliard Journey

Actors come to Juilliard to strengthen their capacity for expression in both body and voice, to practice bringing vulnerability and empathy to their understanding of character, and to develop an approach to storytelling that includes careful attention to text and engagement with the world. They come to study with others who share intellectual and imaginative daring, generosity of spirit, and a fierce commitment to truthful play.

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Video feature on Juilliard drama alumna Jo Mei and her career after Juilliard

Jo Mei, Actor | Life After Juilliard

Core Experiences

  • Our Community

    Theater is a uniquely collaborative art. You come to drama school and work on yourself to become as skilled, as imaginative, and as expressive as you can be. You do this not as an end in itself, or merely for yourself, but in order to be able to be part of an ensemble that tells other peoples’ stories and serves the broader community.

    One singular aspect of the Drama Division is unique among all actor training programs. Since its founding, the Drama Division has engaged undergraduate and post-undergraduate students side by side. We have found that what makes a young artist ready for training—talent, dedication, generosity, curiosity, and the willingness and ability to grow—cannot be predicted by age or experience. Maturity, perspective, even rich, complex life experience is defined by how an individual intersects and meets a particular challenge. What counts here is courage, playfulness, self- discipline, and the willingness not to know. It is these qualities that span our full community and inspire a diversity of experience which promotes a much broader spectrum of growth. We contend that our diverse population is one of our richest assets and is one of the defining aspects of our community and creates a vibrant, productive, dynamic environment for every student.