Master of Music

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Trumpet, M.M. Master of Music

      1. Theory and Analysis
      2. Ear Training I, II
      3. Piano I, II
      4. Music History
    • Major Studies
    • Performance Ensembles
    • Graduate Courses*

    Total Credits 1st Year: 24

    • Major Studies
    • Performance Ensembles
    • Graduate Courses*

    Total Credits for 2nd Year: 30


    • 4 credits
      PFENS L511-2 — Juilliard Orchestra
      4 credits Full Year Faculty and Guest Conductors

      Assignments by the orchestral administration are made on a rotating basis and are primarily determined by audition. Also taken into account are: professionalism, dependability, collegiality, experience level, performance history, and the nature of the event. Required of all full-time students of orchestral instruments in each semester of residence, with the exception of students in the D.M.A. and Artist Diploma programs.

      4 credits
      PFENS R531-2 — Orchestral Repertory for Winds, Brass, and Percussion
      4 credits Full Year Mark Gould

      Orchestral Repertory for Winds, Brass, and Percussion meets weekly, each session preparing a standard orchestral work drawn primarily from the 19th and 20th century orchestral canon, from Beethoven to Alban Berg. In the process of performing the great orchestral masterpieces each week, students become acquainted with different musical styles and learn the essentials of orchestral ensemble playing. Required class preparation is extensive, so that in the course of the year students learn to prepare an orchestral part efficiently. Required of all first- and second-year undergraduate students and first-year graduate students (who are new to Juilliard) majoring in these instruments.

      1 credit per semester
      PFENS R581-2 — Trumpet Class
      1 credit per semester Fall and Spring Trumpet Faculty

      Trumpet Class meets six times per semester led by members of the Trumpet faculty or by distinguished guest artists. Repertoire for the class is flexible, including solo works, trumpet ensembles, and orchestral excerpts, individually or in trumpet sections. Participation is expected of all Trumpet majors.


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