Federal, State, and Private Grants

A grant is money that does not need to be repaid. The Juilliard School will package all students with any federal/state grants for which they are eligible. These may include the following:

Federal Grants

The Federal Pell Grant: available to undergraduates who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents, and who have not completed their first undergraduate degree. Grants range from $606 to $5,920 annually, based on the expected family contribution (EFC) calculated on the FAFSA. For more information, visit Federal Student Aid. Pell grant recipients with anticipated credit balances may request an advance of their refund to purchase books and supplies. Contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information.

The Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG): available to students who are Pell eligible. Grants range from $500 to $4,000 annually. Funds are limited and based on unmet need. For more information, visit Federal Student Aid.

State Grants

The New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP): available to full-time undergraduate students who meet the State Education Department's New York residency requirements. Students must have graduated from a U.S. high school. Grants range from $500 to $5,165 per year for tuition only. New York State (NYS) residents attending NYS schools can link directly to the NYS Student Aid Payment Application from the FAFSA submission confirmation page. For more information, visit Higher Education Services Corporation.

Veterans' Education Benefits

The Department of Veteran Affairs administers a variety of education benefit programs; however, the GI Bill and the Yellow Ribbon Program are the two most commonly used programs at the School.

To determine which VA educational benefit is best for you and to discuss your eligibility, students and families should contact the GI Bill hotline at 1-888-GIBILL1 (1-888-442-4551) or visit www.benefits.va.gov/gibill.

Private Grants

We strongly encourage all students to apply for privately funded grants and scholarships. There are a number of online databases that catalogue a wide variety of opportunities. In addition, many fraternal, industrial, community, and religious organizations sponsor scholarship programs which should be investigated through the particular institution.

Prospective applicants may wish to begin their search during their junior and/or senior year of high school and may seek information from their guidance counselor regarding application procedures. Current Juilliard students may view the list of opportunities on this page.

Private Grant Databases

Although we make every effort to inform students of grant opportunities, we strongly encourage students to do their own research as well. Here are some websites that you may find helpful when searching for private grants. Remember, you should never have to pay a fee to apply for a grant or scholarship!

Private Grant Opportunities

Briarcliff Congregational Church Music Scholarship - To benefit musically passionate and talented students under 25 years of age who are currently pursuing a musical career. Submit a page about your musical aspirations, current financial situation, and a letter of recommendation from a current teacher. You will need to play/sing for a panel of judges including professional musicians, the BCC Music Director, and BCC Musical Committee Chair(s).  For information and application, please visit the Office of Financial Aid.

Cogniizant Transformation Young Entrepreneur Scholarship Program (Deadline: August 2018) - A leading organization based in India that provides learning solutions, communication skills training, etc. Scholarship amount is $500.

Make Me Laugh Scholarship (Deadline: August 2018) - Submit an online written response (250 words or less) to: "OMG... finding and applying for scholarships is serious business, but it's time to lighten things up a little. We don't want to know why you deserve $1,500 or how great your grades are, we simply want to LOL. Describe an incident in your life, funny or embarrassing (fact or fiction), and make us laugh!” Scholarship amount: $1500.

The Pagely Scholarship (Deadline: August 2018) - Submit an 800 to 1500 word essay about a personal story of a how technology has impacted your life. Along with the essay, submit a 5 minute video recording telling your story about the essay. Scholarship amount: $1,000-$1,500.

Ted & Stacey’s Mattress Guides (Deadline: August 2018) - Submit an essay on: "What other products could be of interest to somebody in the process of buying a new mattress?" Scholarship amount: $1,000.

VIP Voice Make an Impact Scholarship (Deadline: September 2018) - Scholarship offered to one student willing to share their opinion through surveys. Scholarship Amount: $5,000. 

Toptal Scholarships for Women (Deadline: Varies: September 2018 -March 2019) - Toptal will award five scholarships to aspiring female leaders in five global regions: Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. Scholarship amount: $10,000.

KidGuard for Education Scholarship (Deadline: October 2018) - Bringing awareness and inspiring solutions on issues such as cyberbullying, online predators, teen suicide and childhood depression in the age of technology. Multiple scholarships ranging from $500 to $1,000.

Wheelhouse Scholarship (Deadline: October 2018) - Submit a 700-1,000 word essay based on one of the topics listed on their website. Scholarship amount: $1,000.

The Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships (Deadline: November 2018) - Students who are U.S. citizens, Naturalized citizens, a Green Card holder, Adopted, or a DACA recipient are eligible to apply. Each award is for up to $25,000 in stipend support, as well as 50 percent of required tuition and fees, up to $20,000 per year, for one to two years.

Dealspotr (Deadline: November 2018) - Scholarship designed to engage and inform students about saving money and see what modern couponing and budgeting tricks you can use in your daily life. Scholarship amount: $1,000.

Senior Living Scholarship (Deadline: November 2018) - Submit an essay between 750 and 4,000 words on any topic related to senior living. Scholarship amount: $1,000.

The Ninja Outreach Internet Marketing Scholarship (December 2018) - Submit an essay on “Why do you deserve this scholarship?” Scholarship Amount: $1,000.

Swopsmart Scholarship Initiative (Deadline: December 2018) - Applicants are asked to answer the question "In 5 years, where will technology take us?" The response can be completed in one of the following formats: essay, blog post, audio recording, or video. Application deadline is December 14, 2018.

PDFelement Scholarship (Deadline: December 2018) - Create an original 2-3 minute video on the topic of "PDF in Education." Scholarship amount: $1,000.

Mettl Scholarship For Emerging Leaders (Deadline: December 2018) - Focused on helping organizations and institutions identify leaders who aim to create a better tomorrow. Scholarship amount: $2,000

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers 2018 Community Service Scholarship (Deadline: December 2018) - Submit an essay on: "What holds so many people back from performing service work?" Scholarship amount: $1,000.

Best Car Seat Hub Scholarship (Deadline: December 2018) – To shape and change the face of the infant care industry. The scholarship requires an application and either an essay or a video answering one of three questions. Scholarship Amount: $800-$3500

EasyRinger (Deadline: December 2018) - Submit an essay on: "The Role of International Communication in the Economy, in Technological Development, and in Interpersonal Relationships.” Scholarship amount: $500.

Health Education and Awareness Scholarship Program (December 2018) - Annual grant to support research on topics concerning health. Submit a 1,500-2000 word essay based on their topics. Scholarship amount: $250.

Keeva (Deadline: December 2018) - Offering a scholarship to review organic products. One winner will be selected to receive a $1,000 scholarship.

Kratom Box Scholarship (Deadline: December 2018) Submit an essay of 1000 words. Scholarship amount: $1,000.

Lark Diabetes Prevention Scholarship (Deadline: December 2018) - To raise awareness on preventive health. Submit a 1-2 page essay, detailing an initiative that you would like to see happen. Scholarship Amount: $3,500

Los Angeles DUI Attorney Diabetes Scholarship (Deadline: December 2018) Choose one of the topics listed and submit an essay of 500-1,000 words. Scholarship amount: $1,000.

My Relationships Center Scholarship (Deadline: December 2018) - Submit an essay on: "The True Definition of Love in a Relationship". Scholarship amount: $500.

Newsome Melton Student Leadership Scholarship (Deadline: December 2018) - Submit an essay on: “How has your personal, academic, or community experience shaped you as a leader?” Scholarship amount: $1500.

RSL Funding’s Imagine Scholarship (Deadline: December 2018) - Submit an essay and a short bio. Scholarship Amount: Up to $3,500.

TopSpot SEM Scholarship (Deadline: December 2018) - Submit an essay on: "How you Plan to Use Digital Marketing to achieve your Goals in Life?”  Scholarship amount: $500.

The Xcela Wealth Scholarship (Deadline: December 2018) -Designed with future leaders (students) in mind. To be eligible, submit a 500-word essay on the topic of “Unique Ways to Reach Financial Stability”. Scholarship amount is for $1,000. 

DECASO Scholarship Program (Deadline: January 2019) - A decorative arts society that is designed to support students from diverse backgrounds. Scholarship amount: $2,500.

The Nationwide Debt Reduction Services Scholarship (Deadline: January 2019) - Submit a 500 word essay on the following topic: “What is one money tip that you learned that you feel will help you become financially stable after graduation”?  Scholarship amount: $1,000.

Associates Home Loan Scholarship (Deadline is March 2019) - Submit a 500-word essay on “What does your dream house look like?” The winner will be selected based on the essay submitted. Scholarship amount: $1,000.

Randall Blair Isenberg Alcohol Addiction Awareness Scholarship (Deadline: March 2019) - Submit an essay on: "How does alcohol addiction affect young Americans today?" Scholarship amount: $500.

Ampronix College Scholarship Program (Deadline: May 2019) - A renewing scholarship program for undergraduate students. Submit a 500-800 word essay answering the 3 questions with an inspirational photo. Scholarship amounts: $500-$1,000.