Work-Study Opportunities

The Juilliard School offers numerous on-campus employment opportunities through the Federal Work-Study (FWS) and Juilliard Work-Study (JWS) programs.

Students who are U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents may be eligible for the federally-funded FWS program. Students who are not eligible for FWS may be eligible for JWS. Most international students are eligible to work under the JWS program, but should check with the Office of International Advisement (OIA) prior to accepting any on-campus employment.

Under both programs, students work at the School and are paid hourly. Pay rates typically range from $9.00 to $12.00 per hour, and vary based on level of responsibility, specialized skills required, etc. Annual earnings generally range form $1,000 to $3,500 per year.

Finding a Work-Study Job

More than 40 different on-campus departments hire students. Each department has its own hiring procedures, and students are responsible for inquiring directly about job availability.

Current job openings are listed below. We also provide a complete list of departments that hire work-study students. Most departments hire throughout the year, and students are welcome to make contact at any time to inquire about potential openings in addition to those advertised on this page. 

Students are also encouraged to attend the Work-Study Employment Fair each year during Orientation. This event is attended by a number of departments and provides students with the opportunity to meet hiring supervisors and learn about and sign up for available jobs.

Additional Requirements

Upon being hired, students must sign a work-study contract that has been fully completed by their supervisor. All students who accept work-study positions must abide by the Code of Responsibility agreement found in the Student Handbook.

By law, students must complete a W-4 and I-9 form within three (3) days of being hired for their first work-study job. U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents must visit the Office of Financial Aid (Room 233) to complete the W-4 and I-9. International students will complete these forms with the Office of International Advisement (Room 245). International students must obtain a U.S. Social Security number to be paid for working at Juilliard.

Payment Procedures

Students who are currently working must submit their working time to the Online Payment Entry and Recording Application (OPERA). Students are paid for work-study twice per month. We encourage all students to enroll in direct deposit by visiting the Accounts Payable Office (Room 229) and completing a direct deposit form.

Current Work-Study Job Openings

Listed below are job openings that departments have asked our office to advertise. Please be aware that this is not a comprehensive listing, as many departments hire as soon as openings become available. Pay rates for these and any other work-study positions are available upon request.

Admissions | Summer Staff

The Office of Admissions is looking for work-study students to assist in the office throughout the summer, Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm. Applicants should be comfortable with using and learning about various computer software programs, as well as speaking in front of groups and answering inquiry calls. Dates are flexible to student's schedule, but longer tenures of availability over the summer is preferred. General office duties include extensive computer use, filing, data entry, answering phones, working directly with staff on assigned projects, and interacting with the general public. Summer Work-Study will be trained as tour guides and be required to provide a tour daily. Please email Caitlin at with any questions.

To Apply: Please visit the Office of Admissions to acquire and complete a work-study employment application. All applications are due back to the office no later than Friday, April 20. Interviews and decisions will are projected to happen in the days that follow.

Alumni Relations | Assistant

The Office of Alumni Relations is looking for work-study students to help disseminate materials to graduating students in the lobby from Monday, May 7 through Thursday, May 17. Interested applicants should email Zachary Green at with their weekday availability from 5/7-5/17.

Career Services | Administrative Assistant

The Alan D. Marks Center for Career Services and Entrepreneurship is seeking a work-study student to assist in the office on weekday shifts during business hours (9:00am-5:00pm). Responsibilities include answering phone and email inquiries, data entry, and video editing. Interested students should contact Paige Lewandowski at for more information.

Development | Student Caller

Development is looking for a work-study student to assist with making thank you calls to Juilliard's donors. For more information, please contact Martha Sterner at or visit the Development office.

Faculty Assistant | Assistant Manager, Accompanist Services

The Faculty Assistant is looking for a work-study student to assist with duties related to the piano accompanying program. The job will begin on April 7th and last the remainder of the school year. On Saturdays, the student will serve as contact for Prep Division (Pre-College and MAP) piano accompanying from about 10:00am to 1:00pm. The student will also meet with the Faculty Assistant during the following work week. Good communication skills, accurate emailing, and some problem-solving are required. Interested students should contact the Faculty Assistant, Molly Skardon, at

Library | Circulation Assistant

The Library is hiring students to work at the circulation desk and shelve books and scores. Prior library experience is not necessary. Positions are available immediately. Interested students should visit the Library or email Wally Gunn at

Mailroom | Clerk

The Mailroom is looking for work-study students to assist with operations. Interested students should stop by the Mailroom.

Office of Residence Life | Desk Assistant

The Office of Residence Life is looking for office workers for the hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Interested students should contact Brandon Anderson at, or come to the Office of Residence Life, 1102 in the Rose Building.

Publications | Juilliard Journal Writers/Reporters

Like to write? Come talk to us! We can always use student writers/reporters to work on an as-needed basis for The Juilliard Journal. You can write one article or many. Find out more: email Susan Jackson, editor in chief, at or call ext. 341.

Registrar | Jury Monitor

The Registrar's Office is looking for students to serve as Jury Monitors during Jury week (April 30-May 4). Students should be dedicated, reliable, and detail-oriented. Duties will include room set-up and making sure there are smooth transitions from one jury to the next. Interested students should email Stefanie Calderon at for more information.

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