Diamond Building Designated Areas for Eating or Quiet Study

Eating Areas

  • PJST Lobby
  • Plaza Level Student Lounge
  • 3rd Floor Willson Bleachers
  • 4th Floor Broadway Seating
  • 5th Floor Broadway Seating


Quiet Study Areas

  • Student Lounge by Admissions
  • Larkin Lobby
  • Paul Hall Entry
  • Plaza Level Evening Division Offices
  • 2nd Floor Corridor by room 202-206
  • 2nd Floor Vending Area by room 216
  • 2nd Floor by Prep Division
  • 2nd Floor by Provost's Office
  • 2nd Floor IT Express
  • 2nd Floor Technology Resource Center
  • 2nd Floor Lounge by Office of International Advisement (room 245)
  • 2nd Floor Financial Aid Waiting Area
  • 4th Floor Corridor by Drama and Vocal Arts Offices
  • 4th Floor McClelland Drama Theater Lobby
  • 4th Floor Marks Center (room 484)
  • 4th Floor Liberal Arts Suite Common Area (room 487)
  • 5th Floor Lounge outside 543
  • 5th Floor Writing and Communications Center (room 559)


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