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Alexander Technique


Alexander Technique teacher Carolyn Monka Serota was a teacher on the training faculty of the American Center for the Alexander Technique from 1989-92 and served on the board of directors from 1988-90. She was a faculty member at the Chautauqua Conservatory Theater from 1994-95 and a faculty member at the Actors Center from 1997-98. Serota received her bachelor’s degree from Bryn Mawr College. She is a certified teacher by the American Center for the Alexander Technique and American Society for the Alexander Technique. She completed her postgraduate studies at the Constructive Teaching Centre in London with Walter Carrington and Glynn MacDonald from 1992-2001 and she taught a teacher refresher course on the Carrington Way of Working with John Nichols from 2003-04. Her professional dance training is in Graham, Hawkins, and Ballet technique. Serota has been a faculty member since 1990.