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Wednesday, Dec 19, 2018
Hannah Rose Caton
Admissions Blog
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Group 48 poses in a studio

Soon I will be returning home for winter break and I cannot wait to see my friends and family and be immersed in the comfort and joy home brings!

I also can't wait to watch theater in London again—it's been way too long. I'm also looking forward to visiting places that I've never forgotten and where I've made so many memories—seeing people who have known me for many years and reflecting on those places that have enriched me and encouraged me to follow my dreams. All those significant communities and experiences that got me this far

Halfway through my last year at Juilliard I'm starting to reflect on the year so far and on my midyear artistic goals. Looking back on the past three-and-a-half years would take more than just a blog to unpack, however, with all of my heart I can truly say how proud I am of myself and my classmates and all we've achieved. We've had many hurdles and have persevered during a time of many changes—change is something that we as actors encompass a lot of. During our first year acting class with Richard Feldman, we understand that great theatwe truthfully reveals those rare moments in life where one rarely does or says the things one should orshouldn't say or do. Moments of change that are hugely impactful and somehow for reasons bigger than ourselves it is important to explore them and to reflect our humanity back to ourselves—terrifying, awe-inspiring, wonderful, beautiful, and tragic as it may be. But I know that I wouldn't be where I am today without the triumphs and failures of life at Juilliard. And I remember those three words that Jim Houghton, a great leader of the Drama Division, once ingrained into us—"You are enough." In fact, all one can ever accept and embrace is that ones failures are not the absolute of us but a mere compass pointing one in the right direction when one's path isn't clear.

Here are some small but pivotal and somewhat logistical goals I have:

1. I have a pretty good ear for dialects however, one of my goals is to brush up on other dialects within my diaspora such as West Indian, Iranian, African etc., and some British accents, too!

2. Planning my trip to LA for showcase in April! This includes finding the best places to stay in order to be able to fully immerse myself in that wonderful experience.

3. To prepare for Queens in February which starts rehearsals in January after the winter break. And to fully embrace the fourth-year silent retreat!

4. To start implementing things so that I can transition out of school effectively.

5. To give my heart, soul, and body to everything I do and with everything I've learned. Always. And to thank those who've helped me along the way.

Overall, my goal is to stay open with the thought of not knowing what my future holds and what lies ahead on my journey as an artist, while also hoping for all I've ever wished for to come true and knowing that I am prepared for whatever comes my way!

Thanks for reading. Happy Holidays!

Hannah Rose
Group 48, Drama