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Thursday, Feb 07, 2019
Maggie Valdman
Admissions Blog
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Maggie holding an instrument

Last semester was so great and productive, but since I'm an overachiever and always striving to improve myself, there are a few new goals that I have for this semester.

  1. Organizing/Clearing Clutter

This semester, I decided to reorganize my room once again. I was having a little trouble finding things in my closet and drawers sometimes and I had clutter under my bed because of my suitcases. In order to efficiently clear out my clutter and reorganize my room in a useful and efficient way, I used the help of experts on YouTube and Google. One specialist I discovered was Marie Kondo who had just put out her new Netflix series (based on her book), Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. Good timing, huh?

Then, my friend and colleague Melissa Golliday mentioned that she read Marie Kondo’s book and was planning to implement the organization and decluttering methods and also wanted to put on an RA program to help others do the same. Of course, I joined in and we put the whole thing together. We showed people how to fold in a better way, how to realize if an item sparks joy, and how to organize items in a more clear and efficient way to move into the future.


  1. Exercising

This is the goal that I have been fairly unsuccessful in all throughout college. It’s not that I don’t like the work out itself, it’s just that after my entire day, I am far too exhausted to motivate myself to run on a treadmill or give any more energy away. And unfortunately, working out in the morning steals my energy for the rest of the day. My goal is to research ways to attain extra energy so that I can find the strength to go to the gym consistently and stay in shape throughout the year so that I can be fit and strong.

  1. Creating

While studying classical music at Juilliard allows me to be a conduit for pieces created by creators (composers), I am constantly finding myself pulled to the desire to create. Therefore, this past break, I brought my guitar from home and my goal is to write 30 songs this year. Writing is one of my favorite things to do, and I love having the chance to put my thoughts and experiences into works of art. By being a creator, I feel more inspired, excited, and calm throughout the days while working on my craft all day and every day.

Now, setting goals is one thing, but just like resolutions on New Years, unless there is commitment and consistency, there is a small chance that goals will be met. This is why I have implemented a few small routines in order to help me accomplish my goals. Something interesting I discovered which I may have mentioned in one of my previous blogs is actually putting your to-do list into your calendar. I find that by scheduling specific time to get things on my list done, I am able to actually accomplish them. Otherwise, I usually just end up putting them off because of my desire to prioritize. By scheduling ahead of time, I feel a more solid reason to actually accomplish my goals. Also, journaling has been extremely beneficial to me as it has helped me to become much more accountable for things I have or have not accomplished in my days when having set my goals for each day, week, month, or year. (I journal on my iPad in order to save paper).

Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to seeing you in my next blog!