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Wednesday, Jan 29, 2020
Amy Sze
Admissions Blog
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Lincoln Center

Congratulations on being invited to audition at Juilliard!

You may be feeling a little nervous, excited, anxious, or a mix of everything, but I'm here to tell you that you're going to be just fine!

Although I was well prepared for the performance aspect of my audition at Juilliard, I definitely could've been much more careful when it came to logistics. Check the weather to see if it will affect your travel. I wish I had arrived early, especially since I was not familiar with Juilliard. On my audition day, I arrived with little time to spare and wandered past the entrance of Juilliard quite a few times without realizing it. Plan as many details ahead of time as possible—and don’t go to the wrong building! 

No matter how unsure you might feel about auditioning, remember that you were selected for an audition because your potential was recognized! Before I auditioned, I was extremely intimidated until I thought of it as a chance to perform and share what I was most passionate about. Thinking of it as a performance opportunity made me less nervous.

One of the most vital assets you can bring to your audition is your preparation. Thorough preparation and practice will help you remain composed and confident throughout the whole process. Perform your repertoire as much as possible before your audition. Start preparing your repertoire early. Senior year is usually extra busy, and you don’t want to find yourself having put off learning the modern piece until a few days before your audition, for example. Knowing your material intimately will help your body perform competently even if your mind decides to freak. Preparing diligently for a concert or audition is like building strong armor to protect yourself in a battle. It buffers you from the unexpected and frees you to concentrate on the music.

Don't drink coffee the morning of an audition, as it only adds unnecessary jitters and anxiety. Instead, it is much healthier to get a good night's sleep the night before. Sleep is good.

Before I had my first audition at Juilliard, I was under the assumption that the school would be prickly and the atmosphere cutthroat. Instead, I was happily surprised by the warmth of students and faculty. The people here are very friendly and could be your possible new classmates, so don't be shy when it comes to asking questions!

This process of auditioning is most definitely stressful, but it is also just as rewarding.

Be kind to yourself. The process of auditioning and applying for college is intimidating and stressful. It’s an exhausting transition into adulthood and can take on toll on anyone’s sanity. Focus on the present and take things calmly and with joy. 

Finally, be sure to read your emails from Juilliard! They will contain lots of valuable information for your audition.

You’ve already made it this far, be proud of yourself. Good luck!

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