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Wednesday, Apr 29, 2020
Amy Sze
Admissions Blog
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Amy practices violin in a classroom

I still remember how nervous and anxious I felt in the months, days, and hours before officially moving into Juilliard. I thought Juilliard was too sophisticated and superior for me. With this mindset, I was setting myself up for failure.

What I didn’t realize was that Juilliard is home to the most supportive and inspiring people I will ever meet. Upon the first day of moving into the school, I was greeted by kind students and staff members who immediately made me feel at home. I will never forget the warmness of the folks at Residence Life, who offered ice cream and a hug, and I will always be grateful to them. These beautiful people at Residence Life also go out of their way to organize movie and game nights, Sunday Fundays, and a plethora of other activities catered to creating a warm and welcoming environment for all.

I’ve learned that at Juilliard, support systems are ubiquitous and accessible to all. For those who need it, the student health center is on the 22nd floor of the Rose building, where doctor appointments and counseling sessions are available. The gym is also located on the same level. All are welcome, provided they are brave enough to face the wrath of the beloved Darryl Quinton. Darryl has changed my life. His exercise classes are very, very exhausting, and addictive. Also, the meditation room is located on the 17th floor, which, of course, also happens to be the quiet floor. Located throughout the Rose building are uplifting posters posted by the RAs that promote positivity and hope.

Every morning, I look forward to enjoying breakfast downstairs and catching up with the food service staff and the security guards. I am grateful for their efforts in keeping us safe and healthy. I like to practice exceptionally late, and I am glad to know that the guards are looking out for me. I am grateful also for the teachers that continue to motivate us, the fantastic staff at the Office of Residence Life, and everyone who makes Juilliard the school that it is. Finally, if it weren't for my teacher Li Lin, who continuously pushes, inspires, and supports me, I would be lost. He is inspiring in his work ethic and genuine passion for all of his students. His example always motivates me to continue to work hard to become the best violinist that I can possibly be. I am grateful to the privilege of having become friends with my amazing classmates. Thanks to the fantastic people at this school, I can genuinely call Juilliard home now. Thank you for everything. 

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