Additional Block 2 Information

Wednesday, Oct 28, 2020
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Dear Students,

I hope you have all enjoyed a restful Fall Break. For those of you coming for in-person work in Block 2, we can’t wait to welcome you back to campus.

In preparation for Block 2, we want to provide you with additional details and important reminders about how to use the building. It is your responsibility to know these guidelines, and to understand and follow the Community Pledge. We are in this together; your attention to these details will keep the community healthy and will allow us to continue our in-person work for Blocks 2 and 3.

This email will cover:

  • Building Hours
  • Permission to Access the Building
  • How to Reserve a Room
  • Building Entry and QR Codes
  • Online Study and Eating Locations
  • Room Usage Rules
  • Routine Community Testing
  • Recording Services, IT, and Library  
  • Travel Restrictions Reminder

As always, please let us know if you have further questions.  

Be well,
Adam Meyer

Building Hours:

The Diamond Building will be open every day, including Sunday, 8am -10pm. The Diamond Building will be closed (including practice rooms) on Election Day, November 3, and Thanksgiving Day (November 26).

Permission to Access the Building:

Even if you had building access in Block 1, to be approved to access the building in Block 2 you must:

  1. Provide a negative COVID diagnostic test dated within 10 days of your first Block 2 entry to the Juilliard facilities, even if you have already submitted a baseline test for Block 1. Students must electronically send a scan or photo of their negative COVID-19 test result to Student Health Services ([email protected]) or upload it into Medicat (located in OKTA). If you took the self-administered saliva test through Cayuga Health System last Thursday, we have already received your test result and you do not need to resubmit it.
  2. Read and sign the Community Pledge

Once you have completed both of these steps, you will receive an email from [email protected] confirming your approval to access to the building. Please note that it may take 1-2 business days to receive your approval email after submitting both of your requirements, and access cannot be granted until you have received your confirmation email from the Office of the Provost. We encourage you to submit these requirements as soon as possible so that we have time to process all requests. 

How to reserve a room:

Music students may make space reservations between midnight and 4pm the day before the booking time through ASIMUT. Any reservations made after 4pm the day prior will not be accepted and you will not receive a QR code.

  • Practice Room Requests (for students) must be booked directly through ASIMUT by clicking on “Event signup.” Students are permitted to reserve up to 4 hours of practice room time per day, and a maximum of 28 hours per week. For instructions on how to reserve a practice space in ASIMUT, see this link.
  • Request for classroom space (for students and faculty): If you would like to request a space larger than a practice room for chamber music rehearsals or other activities, please fill out the Classroom Request Form, which can also be found though ASIMUT. Please note due to the current guidelines, you may be required to move between two spaces based upon your booking request. Space may be reserved only for Juilliard activities.

Dance and Drama students and faculty should contact their division for space reservations.

Once your reservation is made, it will appear in your personal agenda in ASIMUT.

The start times of all reservations will be staggered to minimize lines at the building entrance. In addition, each space (including practice rooms) will sit empty for a designated amount of time after each reservation block to allow the air to turn over.

You may only arrive at the building entrance 15 minutes prior to your reservation, and you must depart the building immediately following the conclusion of your activities.

Building Entry and QR Codes:

We strongly encourage all students, faculty, and staff to view our new safety video, Keeping Juilliard Healthy,which demonstrates our new building procedures.

Anyone with a confirmed room reservation or scheduled in-person class, lesson, or rehearsal in the Diamond Building will receive a link to the required health questionnaire—It will be sent to you on the morning of your scheduled activity and is required once per day and only on days you are allowed to enter the building. This questionnaire verifies that the user is not currently experiencing any COVID-19-related symptoms nor otherwise in a situation where they may pose a health threat to the community.

Once you fill out the health questionnaire, you will receive a link to a personalized QR code that you will show at the building entrance. You are only allowed to use the QR code assigned to you—using another community member’s QR code puts the community at risk, is a violation of the Community Pledge and Student Code of Conduct, and will result in disciplinary action.

Please be sure to fill out the questionnaire and have your QR code ready before you leave home, as you will be turned away at the building entrance without it. If you believe you should have received a QR code and it has not arrived by 9am on the day of entry, please contact [email protected]. These steps will also avoid congestion at the entrance. 

In addition, when you arrive at the building entrance, there will be a contactless temperature check and verification of face covering.  

Online Study and Eating Locations:

Residence Hall students should always return to their rooms to study or take an online class. However, we recognize that some nonresidential students will not always have time to commute home and will therefore need a place to take an online class, study, or eat in between scheduled in-person activities.

We have designated indoor and outdoor (weather permitting) spaces for these activities, and you can view a list of these locations here. You do not need a reservation in ASIMUT for these spaces—if you already have building access for that day, you’ll be able to simply walk in and use a space as needed.

Please note the following:

  • Quiet Study Areas: Masks are required in all Quiet Study locations. Headphones are also required—these spaces are not private or sound-isolated. If your class activity requires you to remove your face covering (an acting class, for example), you should book a private space through your department or a practice room through ASIMUT.
  • Eating Areas:Please be considerate of others and limit your stay in these eating areas to 15-20 minutes, and please wipe down the tables and chairs before and after you eat. Always remember to wash your hands before and after eating, and be sure to put on your mask as soon as you finish.

Room Usage Rules:

Only school-related activities are allowed to take place within the building. We ask that only those who need to be in the building for approved performance-related work or practice room/studio access come to the building, and that you leave the building when that work is finished.  

Never enter a room that you are not scheduled to be in as it may be on “room rest.”

Practice rooms are single-occupancy at all times as they are not large enough to account for social distancing. If you require a space for ensemble work for two or more, you will need to request that space through ASIMUT—please note that space is limited and you may have to schedule your rehearsals around room availability.

For a reminder of physical distancing, room rest, and rules for various ensemble sizes, please see this chart.

Please remember to wash your hands before and after using the practice rooms and to wipe down piano keyboards, other shared equipment such as chairs, doorknobs, and light switches, before and after each use, using cleaning materials provided.

Do not move pianos or technical podiums. No food or drinks (except bottled water) are permitted in rooms.

Routine Community Testing Details:

In addition to the required baseline testing, the school is inaugurating weekly routine COVID diagnostic testing for Block 2. All residential students are required to be tested every week. Nonresidential students, faculty, and staff will be randomly selected for testing weekly and are required to participate if chosen.

For Block 2, Juilliard’s routine testing will take place on-campus and without charge, through Cayuga Health System. The test is a self-administered saliva test, which has a high rate of accuracy and a fast (1-2 day) turnaround time. We will announce dates, times, and locations of routine COVID testing beginning the week of November 2. In the meantime, an instructional video may be found here.

As a reminder, students who are experiencing COVID symptoms or concerned about exposure to someone who has COVID should not wait for a weekly test. Instead, they should immediately contact the Health Office at [email protected] and then fill out this form. This is the procedure for all enrolled students, whether residential or nonresidential, whether in-person, hybrid, or all-remote for Block 2.

Library, Recording Services, and IT Lab:

The library main reading room is available for individual study (including taking an online class) use by students who have been approved for access to the Diamond Building. The library stacks, reference room, and media center are closed, and access to physical materials is only available through curbside pick-up.

Masks must be worn while in the library, and group study is not permitted. Social distancing must always be maintained. No food or drink is allowed in the library.

A public safety officer will be on duty in the library. The officer cannot assist with library inquiries or check out materials. For library assistance, please visit our Ask a Librarian page or send an email to [email protected].

The school’s recording studio is unavailable at the moment while we prepare for significantly increased livestreaming and recording capabilities later in Block 2 and beyond. In the meantime, you may reserve a classroom or other space in ASIMUT to self-record as long as you follow the room usage guidelines, including maximum rehearsal times and room-rest times. As guests are not allowed in the building, you may not bring in outside recording engineers.

The IT Lab on the second floor of the Diamond Building will be open in Block 2 for quiet study and printing during the hours that the building is open. Computer workstations stations are physically distanced, and there will be a limit on the number of students who can occupy this space at any one time. We please ask that you limit your time in the lab to two hours so that others may also access this resource. Please also wash your hands and wipe down any surfaces with the materials provided before and after use.

Travel Restrictions Reminder:

Please read the Student Travel Rules under the Health and Safety Updates on the website—this includes a required travel form should you need to travel outside the tristate area. At this time, Governor Cuomo has designated most states and all international points of origin as requiring a 14-day quarantine. In addition, nonessential travel to and from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Connecticut is strongly discouraged.