April 1, 2021 | COVID Updates

Friday, Apr 02, 2021
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Dear students,

While COVID remains a serious issue, vaccines are becoming increasingly available, and cases within the Juilliard community remain low. As President Woetzel said in yesterday’s message, we continue to plan for exciting outdoor performance opportunities, dozens of recording and livestreaming events, an in-person commencement, and a return to fully in-person learning next fall.

Created in consultation with infectious disease experts, our protocols for in-person work continue to evolve as vaccines become more widespread and conditions improve. This is extremely welcome news because it will make our in-person work this spring even more robust.

But to get there safely, we must remain vigilant about those safety protocols and be ever mindful of our collective responsibility as outlined in the Community Pledge. To be clear, while some guidelines will evolve as we describe below, some things are NOT changing: we still require masks, instrumental PPE, social distancing, and frequent handwashing. Even beyond Juilliard buildings, use common sense; avoid large indoor gatherings, poorly ventilated areas, and other settings where others are not attentive to public health and safety.

Today, we are happy to update you on a number of topics. Below, you will find detailed information on the following:

  • Updated travel restrictions
  • Updated room usage and room rest guidelines
  • Information and updates about vaccines
  • Building access and updated hours

​​​​​​As always, if you have questions or concerns, please email [email protected].

Adam Meyer

Updated travel restrictions

New York State has updated its rules for domestic travelers: as of today, April 1, there is no longer a requirement to quarantine or test for any domestic travel, although that is still recommended by the NY Department of Health as a precaution. Please note that the CDC requirements for testing and quarantining when traveling internationally are still being enforced; for details, see CDC website.

Effective immediately, Juilliard’s travel policies will also change to reflect state and CDC guidelines. However, as these travel restrictions continue to evolve, Juilliard will continue to REQUIRE all student travelers to and from domestic and international locations, including those arriving at school later this month for the first time, to fill out the school’s travel form. This will allow Juilliard’s COVID response team to track and advise students as rules change. The school reserves the right to require additional testing and quarantining should circumstances dictate.

Updated room usage and room rest guidelines

​​​​With guidance from our medical consultants and following evolving best practices around the country, we continue to evaluate and amend our current room usage guidelines. In many situations, we are now able to allow longer in-person rehearsals, shorter room rest periods, and higher room capacity. For updated rules, effective immediately, please see the Live Instruction and Ensemble Rehearsal Guidelines page or consult with your department. Please remember that entering a room without a reservation is a violation of the Community Pledge and will be dealt with through the student code of conduct. Entering an empty room without a reservation risks your safety and the safety of users after you.

Information and updates about vaccines

New York State has announced that anyone 16 years or older will be eligible to sign up for the vaccine as of next Tuesday, April 6. Next week we will share further information aimed at helping students secure a vaccine appointment.

​We continue to explore ways in which our safety protocols can evolve as more and more members of the community receive the vaccine. At this time:

Students who have been vaccinated are not required to participate in weekly COVID testing or baseline testing if the following criteria are met:

  • Fully vaccinated (more than 2 weeks after the second dose for 2-dose vaccines; more than 2 weeks after vaccination for 1-dose vaccines) and
  • Student has submitted their vaccination card or record to Health Services via the ;Student COVID Vaccination Form

Faculty and staff should refer to the Human Resources email sent on Tuesday, March 30, for details on vaccines and testing opportunities.

At this time, all other COVID protocols, including mask-wearing, activity-specific and instrumental PPE, social distancing, frequent hand-washing, and room use/room rest guidelines must be followed regardless of whether or not you are vaccinated. We understand that it is tempting to become complacent about these rules, especially if you are vaccinated, but scientific data is not yet definitive on the question of whether vaccines prevent you from being a passive carrier of infection to others. Continued following of these rules is essential for the protection of everyone in the community. Violations of COVID protocols will continue to be addressed through the student code of conduct and being vaccinated will not excuse the violation. We will update you regarding further changes to our protocols as vaccine eligibility, availability, and information expand over the next few months.

As a reminder: if you have any COVID symptoms, have been in contact with someone who has tested positive, or are not feeling well, regardless of your vaccination status do not come to Juilliard. Let us know immediately—students contact Health Services; faculty and staff, contact Human Resources—and then submit the COVID Response Form.

Building access and updated hours

Building access continues to be restricted to approved students, faculty, and staff members only. Students who have requested to study remotely are not authorized to access the building. For further information on building access, see our website.

Effective immediately, we are expanding building hours to 8am to midnight, seven days per week. Practice room reservation times are being added to Asimut to accommodate this change.

Please note that the building, including practice rooms, will be closed on Monday, May 31, for Memorial Day. The building will be open for normal weekend hours on Easter Sunday (April 4).

As a reminder: Please exercise caution when traveling to and from the building, especially after dark. Lincoln Center security has expanded their patrols of the campus, and we urge you to report any safety concerns to Juilliard or Lincoln Center security.