Grievance Procedures

Juilliard offers several avenues of assistance to its community members who would like to file a grievance in response to a perceived policy violation. Official policy violations can be reported directly to an appropriate designee or by using one of the forms below. It is a violation of Juilliard policy to retaliate against anyone who brings a grievance procedure in good faith. Below the procedures to file a formal grievance:

If you have a complaint concerning Juilliard’s educational programs and practices that remains unresolved after all grievance procedures have been followed and all avenues of appeal exhausted, the complaint may be reviewed by the New York State Education Department’s Office of College and University Evaluation, with certain exceptions. Please note that the Department will not consider matters concerning a student’s grades or test results. For more information about filing a complaint and the circumstances under which a complaint will be considered, please refer to the department’s website.

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