Right to Use Images, Performances, and other Creative Depictions

Juilliard records student performances for a variety of non-commercial and commercial purposes. By enrolling at the School, and as part of the consideration students render for their acceptance to the School, students grant to Juilliard and its affiliates, assigns and licensees (collectively, “Juilliard” or the “School”) a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, freely transferable right to use their name, image, likeness, biographical information, performances, creative depictions, voice and all other personal attributes in live and/or recorded audio and/or visual and/or audiovisual recordings of Juilliard-related works and adaptations, and derivatives thereof (collectively, “Works”), in any medium now existing  or hereafter discovered, including without limitation print, electronic, digital, online, audiovisual and other means of distribution, and for any and all purposes, including commercial use, without their further consent and with or without attribution. For purposes of this grant of rights, Works include, but are not limited to (i) performances sanctioned, sponsored, promoted or otherwise provided under the auspices of Juilliard; (ii) Juilliard-provided or endorsed classes, seminars or programs; and (iii) Juilliard-initiated interviews. Except as limited below with respect to original works, all performances and other contributions by students which are embodied in Works recorded by or at the School are works-for-hire, and Juilliard shall have all right, title and interest therein; to the extent, for any reason, they are not considered works-for-hire, then to such extent all right, title and interest in the Works, including the copyright and all renewals and extensions of copyright, are assigned to the School. These rights apply to any Works undertaken, in whole or in part, while the student is registered or enrolled at Juilliard, including Works recorded prior to August 2015.

By way of clarification but not limitation, Juilliard retains the right to publish, modify, format, recast, transform, live stream, broadcast, adapt, prepare derivative works from, distribute, sell, license, publicly display, perform, provide access to, and otherwise exploit the Works as set forth above in any and all media, including, but not limited to, the Juilliard Journal, the Viewbook, and other publications (including third party publications, such as courses and other education materials); on the School's or such third party's Web site, Intranet, virtual education platform or other virtual medium; in catalogs, brochures, publicity and marketing materials; and on Juilliard's and/or such third party's official pages and channels on various social media sites including, but not limited to, Facebook and YouTube.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing in this permission grants to Juilliard exclusive rights to use the material underlying the Works. Students retain the copyright and all renewals and extensions of copyright in their own original underlying material included in the Works (e.g., original music compositions, lyrics, scripts, libretti, choreography, etc.) and are not precluded from exploiting publishing or other rights in such underlying material.

Right to Use Images FAQ [PDF]

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