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Student Handbook

Since 1905, Juilliard has been educating the finest performers and leaders for our global society. When you join the prestigious Juilliard School community, you are converging into an educational community that is, by design, meant to be transformative - academically, personally, and professionally. The Student Handbook is designed to orient you to The Juilliard School and guide you through your academic, personal, and professional development while a student here. The handbook contains information on departmental, academic, personal and social development opportunities; clarifies values, standards and expectations for which the School holds all student community member accountable; and provides resources and support services for students to help establish strong foundations on which to build your professional career as an "artist as citizen."

It is the expectation of The Juilliard School that all students are responsible for reading and understanding the information within the Student Handbook, in addition to your rights and responsibilities as a Juilliard community member.

As of 2015, the Student Handbook is published online only. Should you require or want to request a printed copy of the Student Handbook, please contact the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Residence Life, the Dean of Students Affairs, or the Office of Academic Support and Disability Services. Should you need assistance with accessing the online version, please contact the Dean of Student Affairs or the Office of Academic Support and Disability Services.

Notice of Changes
All students will be notified of any addendum's or changes to the Student Handbook via Juilliard e-mail. All changes will be noted in RED under the section or sections that have been updated.

College Division Student Handbook 2018-19 - Digital Flipbook
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