Juilliard Jazz Ensembles | Young Lions of the 1990s

Juilliard Jazz Ensembles | Young Lions of the 1990s

Sunday, Sep 25, 2022, 12:30PM

Tickets $20

  • Blue Note Jazz Club
  • 131 W 3rd St, New York, NY 10012

Program information:

Jelly Roll Morton Ensemble 
Doug Wamble, coach

Nicole Odremán, voice
Summer Camargo, trumpet
Coby Petricone-Berg, alto saxophone
Sergio Tabanico, tenor saxophone
Joseph Giordano, trombone
Bruce Acosta, guitar
Tyler Henderson, piano
Nico Martinez, bass
Matthew Lee, drums

Duke Ellington Ensemble 
Ben Wolfecoach

Francesco Cafiso, alto saxophone
Christian Lewis, tenor saxophone
James Zito, guitar
Joel Wenhardt, piano 
Raul Reyes, bass
John Sturino, drums 

Use code "JUILLIARD" to access $15 tickets online or at the door. 

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